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Woman sentenced for buying drugs for her prisoner husband

November 17, 2014, 5:45 pm

A woman who bought drugs to be supplied to her husband in HMP Wandsworth has been jailed for six months.

Samantha Farrell, 29 (6.08.85) of St James Road, Bridport in Dorset was sentenced today, Monday, 17 November, at Southwark Crown Court for conspiracy to bring a ‘List A article – cannabis – into a prison.

Her sentencing follows the conviction and sentence of both her husband and a healthcare assistant at the prison in connection with the same investigation, which was led by officers from the Metropolitan Police Services London Prison Anti-Corruption Team (LPACT).

Inquiries by LPACT revealed that healthcare assistant Barrington Barnes, 48 (20.07.66) who lived in Balham at the time of the offences, approached serving prisoner, Martin Farrell, 47 (3.04.67), and offered to supply him with cannabis.

Samantha Farrell then made contact with Barnes. She bought and delivered the drugs to Barnes, who took them to the prison and handed them over to Martin Farrell.

In addition, two packages containing Class C drugs Mesterolone (sex hormone) and Stanozolol (steroids), a lock knife, mobile phones, SIM cards and phone accessories were found in a medical treatment room in the prison. These were found in a bin liner which was linked to Barnes through fingerprints.

On Monday, 20 October, Barnes was sentenced to three years for two counts of conspiracy to bring a ‘List A’ articles – namely cannabis, Mesterolone and Stanozolol – into prison and one count of conspiracy to bring ‘List B’ articles – items including mobile phones, SIM cards, and USB leads – into prison, contrary to Section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

The same day Martin Farrell was sentenced to 12 month’s imprisonment for conspiracy to bring a ‘List A’ article – cannabis – into a prison.

All three pleaded guilty to their offences at earlier hearings.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Robert Hinson of LPACT, said: “This case demonstrates that if employees of Her Majestys prisons traffic contraband into prisons, they will be brought to justice. This case should serve as a warning to any prison officer and employee within the prison estate who engage in illegal activities with prisoners and their family members.”

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