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North Yorkshire dating website fraudster jailed

November 7, 2014, 6:19 pm

A former North Yorkshire businessman who is currently serving a five year prison sentence for fraud, has been jailed for a further 44 months for conning women, business associates and customers out of thousands of pounds.

Jonathan Guy Brudenell, 44, formerly of Nawton near Helmsley and Lammas Court, Scarcroft, Leeds, appeared at Teesside Crown Court on Thursday 6 November 2014, where he was told that the 44 month sentence for his latest frauds will run consecutively from the day his previous sentence ends.

The court imposed a ten-year Financial Reporting Order which means he must report his financial position to North Yorkshire Police on a regular basis for the next ten years. Failure to report accurately will result in a breach of the order and Brudenell will be brought back before the court.

Brudenell was charged earlier this year with 21 offences committed between 2009 and 2013. On 3 October 2014 he pleaded guilty to 11 of these offences, with the rest being allowed to lie on file. Lying on file means they are not convictions but will appear on his record.

All but one of the offences were committed while Brudenell was on bail for the offences for which he was jailed in 2013.

Brudenell pleaded guilty to:

  • Fraud against the Insolvency Service by falsely claiming that work was paid for by his girlfriend to renovate a property atRunswick Bay, thereby giving her a fraudulent beneficial interest ahead of his creditors. False invoices were supplied to the Insolvency Service to substantiate the claim and Brudenell was charged jointly for this offence with a woman who is yet to stand trial.
  • Four charges of fraud after he deceived four separate women he met through a dating website into handing over a total of £62,885 between 2010 and 2013.
  • Making a fake email for use in fraud.
  • Three offences of fraud against two men after he conned them into handing over £17,000 in 2013 by making false investment claims.
  • Fraudulent Trading (jointly with the woman yet to stand trial) by misleading clients of HR Development (Leeds) Ltd, giving them a false name and misapplying payments in order to finance his lifestyle and service debt.
  • Being concerned in the formation and management of a company without leave of the court, as an un-discharged bankrupt. Brudenell is the subject of a Bankruptcy Restriction Order imposed by York County Court until May 2023.

Detective Inspector Ian Wills who heads North Yorkshire Polices Financial Investigation Unit, said: “Brudenell is a predatory fraudster who views every encounter and meeting as an opportunity to commit fraud. He has targeted people indiscriminately for many years.

“The evidence revealed that he regularly lied to family, friends and business associates about his need for funds and how they were to be applied. Between 2009 and 2013, he was a prolific user of a dating websites where he targeted women for sex and money.

“He was latterly offering bogus investment deals with the payments offsetting previous debt and funding his lifestyle. His offending continued up to the very morning he was imprisoned in June 2013.”

He added:”The tactics Brudenell used to delay repayment were callous, claiming to some that his girlfriend had cancer and latterly that he himself had bowel cancer.

“As in the previous case, he was also forging emails to encourage investment or delay repayment – all whilst on bail for similar matters. The sentence today should send a clear message to those who seek to deceive others.”

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