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Newly qualified Surrey police dog assists in her first arrest

November 21, 2014, 3:42 pm

A Surrey Police dog enjoyed a memorable first week on the job after playing a crucial role in the arrest of a man following a burglary in Egham.

Police were called to the incident at around 3.40am on Sunday, 16 November.

Car keys and a mobile phone were taken from the property and a Range Rover was subsequently stolen from the driveway.

Officers traced and located the car and pursued it to Feltham where it crashed. The suspect decamped from the vehicle and made off through the grounds of a school in Ashford Road.

Dog handler PC Laura Heathcote was sent to the scene with PD (Police Dog) Izzy.

They tracked the suspect through the school grounds across the playing field. Towards the far side of the field,the suspect who had been crouched in a hedge, got up and ran. He was challenged to stop but upon failing to do so PD Izzy was deployed. She chased the suspect and detained him as he attempted to escape over a high fence.

PC Heathcote, said: “Izzy is a police bred dog – trained and licensed by Surrey Police Dog Training School.This pursuit took place during her first week out of training and I’m so proud of her. She dealt with the incident really well, a great start to her career.

“We had good support from the firearms unit who initially pursued the suspect. They assisted us in getting over a 7ft high metal fence into the school grounds and arrested the male once he had been detained by Izzy. For such a young dog she was brilliant.”

· Following the incident Najee Okwulu, 22, of south west London, was charged with two counts of burglary, dangerous driving, driving whilstdisqualified and obstructing a constable. He has been remanded in custody and is due to appear at Guildford Crown Court on 4 December.

· Izzy is a German Shepherd x Dutch Herder. She will be two years old in December. Izzy joined Surrey Police following her puppy walking training with West Midlands Police.

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