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Drug dealer set to lose six-bedroom Hertfordshire home

November 7, 2014, 10:40 pm

A convicted drug dealer has today been ordered by a judge to hand back £440,000, meaning he could lose numerous properties including the luxury home he owns in Hertfordshire.

Recorder Shorrock QC, at the Old Bailey, ruled that assets belonging to 58-year-old Gary Marsh from Broxbourne were the profits of his illegal activities and granted the Middle Market Drug Partnership a Confiscation Order for £440,000.

If Marsh fails to meet the Order, he will serve four more years in prison, and will still have to pay the full order plus interest.

An investigation by the NCA and the Metropolitan Police, through their joint Middle Market Drugs Partnership (MMDP), found that Marsh supported his luxury lifestyle through his criminal activity.

Marsh was arrested on Tuesday 20th November 2012 following an MMDP investigation. Officers watched him handing a package to Gheorghe Stancescu, from East London, at East Duck Lees Lane, Enfield. Both men were detained and the package was found to contain 3.5kg of cocaine with a wholesale value of £147,000.

Both Marsh and Stancescu were arrested on suspicion of supplying a Class A drug.

Officers went on to search Marshs home – a six-bedroom house with stables and outhouses at White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire – where £17,900 in cash was discovered.

On 27 February, 2013, Marsh and Stancescu pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to the supply of cocaine. Marsh was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment, while Stancescu received four years.

The MMDP Financial Unit carried out an investigation on Marsh and identified substantial assets, resulting in todays Order.

DCI Alex Rothwell from the MMDP said: “This was a complex investigation as Marsh had formed numerous companies in an attempt to conceal the true source of his wealth through both his and others names.

“Marsh thought he could get away with living the high-life, completely funded by his drug dealing.

“Rest assured, MMDP will continue to pursue and disrupt those that seek to benefit from assets derived from serious and organised crime.”

The Middle Market Drugs Partnership brings together officers from the National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Service to protect the communities of London from the harms inflicted by drug dealing.

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