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Valiant team effort to save women trapped in house fire – Police Bravery Awards – Wiltshire Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

Officers were responding to reports of a house fire with people trapped inside. PCs Bridger and Cavill arrived, followed by Sgt Bremner and PC Jenkins. PCs Cavill and Bridger worked together to force entry via the front door, whilst PC Jenkins and Sgt Bremner worked together to force entry via the side door in order to gain access to the rear of the premises.

On entry, PCs Cavill and Bridger were faced with intense heat and thick black smoke which was down to knee level. They called to the occupants but heard no reply so they crouched low to the floor and crawled in. Impossible to see anything, the search was continued by fingertip. PC Bridger maintained constant contact with PC Cavill and ensured that he maintained orientation with the exit. They soon heard calls from upstairs.

Meanwhile PC Jenkins and Sgt Bremner managed to force access via the side entrance. Smoke was everywhere. They called out but hearing no reply, also proceeded to carry out a fingertip search whilst crawling along the floor. The hall door was slightly ajar and PC Jenkins opened this further, locating the fire. He managed to close a door to isolate the fire. They also heard calls for help.

All four officers made their way to the garden and saw two women at an upstairs window. Neither of the women would jump but they were encouraged to climb out of the window, hang down and get a foothold on some protruding brickwork. Both women managed to do this and were hanging on by their fingertips, too afraid to release their grip. Sgt Bremner managed to jump up and grab one of the women causing her to lose grip and fall into his arms. He carried out the same action to pull the other woman to safety.

All four officers worked courageously and tirelessly as a team to bring these women to safety in very precarious and terrifying conditions.

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