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Suicidal man shoots at local response officers – Police Bravery Awards – Lincolnshire Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

Police received a call from a man who was visiting his parents-in-law with his young daughter.  The mans father-in-law had locked himself in an outhouse after having fired a gunshot. He was threatening to kill himself and a police officer. The caller got his mother-in-law and daughter out of the house reporting that no more shots had been fired.

Armed officers and negotiators were called and initial checks showed that the man had previously been a shotgun certificate holder. Due to the geography of the county it was going to take some time for specialist officers to reach the scene and so local response officers, PC Hull and PC Irving, attended to maintain observations at a safe distance and report any developments. A major incident room was opened. The man was known to police, previously having been found to be extremely hostile and uncooperative. The caller reiterated that he had heard his father-in-law shout that he would ‘shoot a police officer and believed that the shot fired was a test shot.

PC Hull was sat in the drivers seat, engine running, reverse gear engaged as a precaution when, without warning, the window shattered and a bullet lodged in his jaw. Despite being shot, he managed to reverse the vehicle further away and PC Irving administered first aid.

PC Hull and PC Irving stayed at the scene keeping other residents from approaching the house. They remained incredibly calm in the face of danger in order to protect members of the public and keep the major incident room updated until specialist officers arrived.

Tragically the man took his own life. No officers fired a shot and no members of the public or other officers were hurt. Both PC Hull and PC Irving demonstrated incredible bravery in extremely traumatic circumstances. Despite being shot at they courageously remained at the scene until the ordeal was over.

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