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Prolific burglar from St Albans turns his life around under stringent C2 programme

October 15, 2014, 3:47 pm

A prolific burglar who was given the chance to turn his life around under the innovative C2 programme has successfully completed the tough three year programme.

The 36-year-old from St Albans was given a 36 month community order in November 2011 having admitted all his offending and showing motivation to turn his back on his criminal lifestyle.

He began committing crime when he was 14 years old, however, following intervention from C2, his last offence was nearly three years ago – in January 2011. It was at a court appearance in 2011, following his arrest, that he pleaded guilty to two burglaries in Hatfield (August 2009) and St Albans (January 2011) and asked for a further 32 offences to be taken into consideration.

Detective Sergeant Joady Ealham, who runs the C2 programme, said: “The condition of admitting their history of offending enables us to ensure that victims of previously unsolved crimes now know that someone has been identified as responsible and has been brought to justice.”

She said: “C2 project is not a soft option. If candidates dont comply with all the stringent conditions of the programme, they face the order being revoked and going to prison to serve their sentence.”

C2 is a crime reduction initiative which aims to give prolific offenders, usually with some form of addiction which drives their criminality, the opportunity to put their lives of crime behind them and, because an offender who carries out a large number of crimes is no longer offending, it reduces the number of people becoming victims of crime in the future.

C2 requires a resolute commitment from offenders to change their lifestyle, kick any addiction they may have, train and ultimately seek, and remain in, honest employment.

The man, who now works in the building trade, said: “I am very grateful for the help and support I was given by the C2 team and am now in full time work and feel that I have real prospects in life.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, said: “This is just one of the innovative and effective partnership schemes running in Hertfordshire that keep crime down and protect communities. I am delighted that another prolific burglar, who has victimised a number of households in the county, has managed to turn away from a life of crime and has instead become a member of society with a positive contribution to make.”

Detective Sergeant Ealham added: “He took on board the help available from a number of agencies and worked very hard to battle his addiction, which was causing his offending. As a result of C2 previous victims of his criminality know that the person responsible has been dealt with and he can influence other prolific criminals about the choices that are available to them.”

His Honour Judge Andrew Bright, QC oversaw the last review hearing and said: ” It is difficult to imagine anyone who made more effort to turn their life around. You enrolled in a college course, started work on a voluntary basis and then as paid employment and now in a supervisory capacity. This is a tremendous achievement, you can feel very proud.”

The C2 programme is run in partnership by Hertfordshire Constabulary and probation services in conjunction with drug services and other third party agencies under the direction of the Resident Judge at St Albans Crown Court.

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