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Officers save mum and son from blaze – Police Bravery Awards – Hertfordshire Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

Officers Reynolds, Kane, Forrester and Carter responded to reports of a house fire. On arrival they found the house filled with smoke and a woman and her son were trapped in an upstairs bedroom.

With no time to lose PC Forrester forced entry and was followed by PCs Reynolds, Kane and Carter. The house was thick with acrid smoke but their prime concern was getting the occupants to safety. Without a second thought and without breathing apparatus they went in, searched the house and managed to locate the woman and her son.

The woman required assistance so PC Forrester carried her out of the house and her son was led to safety.

PC Forrester was treated for smoke inhalation but he was deemed fit to continue with work. He and his colleagues carried on with a full tour of duty.

All four officers courageously forced their way into the smoke-filled house and with tremendous teamwork managed to locate the occupants and rescue them from harm. The fact they continued to finish their shift further demonstrates their outstanding commitment and dedication to duty.

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