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Officers rescue men from burning inferno – Police Bravery Awards – Dyfed Powys Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

In the early hours of the morning police were called to a flat fire. DC Jones and PC Salmon were first on the scene, followed by PC Thomas. The front door was alight, inside was filled with dense smoke and the heat was intense.

The officers were told that someone was in there. Despite warnings not to enter and with no thought for their own safety, they managed to gain entry by forcing open the door that was ablaze. The black acrid smoke meant the officers were searching the flat in complete darkness. Unknown to them, the front door had slammed shut. They were now locked inside.

With incredible teamwork they managed to locate a heavily intoxicated man asleep in his bed. They then located another man who was also asleep.

They now realised that they were trapped and could not force the door ajar. Conditions were deadly and they had no time to spare.

PC Salmons quick thinking enabled them to get out after he used his radio aerial to prise the door open. With sheer determination and resourcefulness these courageous officers undoubtedly saved the mens lives, with moments to spare.

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