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Officers in high risk machete pursuit – Police Bravery Awards – Bedfordshire Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

Inspector Masters was letting two members of the public out of Bedford police station when he came across a man hitting one of the station doors with a hammer. Despite having no protective bodywear or equipment, Inspector Masters confronted the man who by now had smashed the glass door panels and was also armed with a large machete. The man managed to run off, brandishing the weapons at officers who had come to assist, and headed towards a road where there were a lot of pedestrians, including elderly people, mothers and children.

To minimise the risk to the public, the officers formed a moving containment around the man who continued to threaten people and hit out with the machete. The officers managed to close in, challenging the man to put the weapons down. Sergeant Boyd took the opportunity to tackle the man and bring him to the ground.

These officers instinctively and bravely put themselves in the way of extreme danger to protect members of the public.

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