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Officer rescues kidnap victim – Police Bravery Awards – Devon & Cornwall

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

The violent kidnap of a known drug dealer had been reported. The victim had been hit over the head with an iron bar and dragged into a car which then fled.

Later that day the car was seen acting suspiciously and was stopped with two suspects but no victim inside.

PC Cruwys and her police dog Bodie were deployed to where the car had originally been seen acting suspiciously. Bodie tracked deep into nearby woodland where he found the injured victim tied to a tree. Three further suspects were located nearby and PC Cruwys and Bodie chased down, confronted and detained a powerful, extremely violent man.

PC Cruwys was alone in a remote area and did not know what lay ahead but still she did not give up. She searched for the victim, challenged and detained his attackers. The victim had endured horrific injuries and feared he would be killed. He later praised the officer for saving his life.

PC Cruwys courageously stood resolute in the face of
extreme danger.

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