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Officer and police dog track down armed gang – Police Bravery Awards – Cheshire Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

Five hooded men, armed with a machete and baseball bat had attempted to rob a ‘cash in transit security vehicle at a cashpoint. They failed to gain access and made their getaway.

PC Cross, a dog handler, was on duty in a marked patrol car and headed to the nearest motorway interchange where he spotted a suspicious vehicle travelling at high speed. PC Cross pursued the car along a farm track where it stopped and at least four occupants fled in different directions. With no thought for his own safety, he immediately gave chase with his police dog Rocco. Rocco soon caught two men who
were detained and taken to the police car as PC Cross was joined by another patrol.

PC Cross resumed his search for the other offenders. Rocco soon picked up a fresh track and they quickly caught up with two men running across a field. Rocco was sent in pursuit and one of them was soon caught. He was then set off to search for the fourth man who was also successfully detained. Rocco then caught sight of something and darted to a nearby pond. Still escorting the offender they had just caught, PC Cross went over to the pond and saw a fifth man up to his waist in water. Clearly frightened by Rocco, the offender complied with the officers instructions.

PC Cross showed immense courage and determination and his selfless actions ensured these dangerous men were stopped from causing serious

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