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Off-duty officer shot at during armed robber chase – Police Bravery Awards – Greater Manchester Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

Off-duty PC Frame was in the bookmakers when he witnessed an armed robbery unfold. The robber was pointing a gun at the cashier and demanding money. Without hesitation, PC Frame challenged the robber who told him ‘dont be a hero and produced a claw hammer to reinforce his threat. Standing firm the officer took out his mobile phone to call emergency assistance at which point the robber swung at the officer with the hammer. Fearing for his safety, PC Frame moved to the door, enabling two customers to leave. He watched events unfold.

The cashier handed over the money and the robber went to escape but PC Frame held the door closed. The robber desperately tried to force the door, again threatening PC Frame. He then made his way towards the rear exit. PC Frame gave chase and followed him out to the yard at which point he turned and fired the gun before escaping onto a back street. Still undeterred, the off-duty officer gave chase, despite violent threats each time he closed in.

After a relentless pursuit, the robber managed to escape. He was soon tracked down and arrested due to the detailed description provided by PC Frame.

Despite being shot at, PC Frame was persistent in his pursuit of the man, upholding the finest traditions of British policing, despite the risk to himself.

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