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Off-duty officer runs into burning restaurant – Police Bravery Awards – Northamptonshire Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

PC Welsford was off-duty and spending an evening out with his son. They had decided to go to the cinema, located in a busy recreational complex. They were making their way back to the car when PC Welsfords son noticed that a local restaurant had smoke and flames billowing from the rooftop.

PC Welsford ran over to the building and instructed his son to call the fire service. As he got close he was horrified to see staff still inside as if nothing was wrong, closing down the restaurant at the end of a days business.

By now the fire on the roof had really taken hold and the building was at serious risk of collapse. PC Welsford rushed in, shouting at them to get out. The ceiling was becoming engulfed in smoke, the noise of the burning roof was getting louder and a distinct sound of cracking could be heard which was the structure of the roof beginning to give way.

Knowing there was little time left, the off-duty officer searched the building to ensure everyone was accounted for, checking the kitchens, store rooms and toilets, before leaving the building himself.

The fire quickly consumed the building and it burnt to the ground.

Without any thought for himself, off-duty officer Welsford ran towards danger to save others.

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