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Man throws hostage to the ground seconds before officers receive instruction to fire – Police Bravery Awards – Gloucestershire Nominees

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

In the early hours, armed response officers were called to a domestic incident where a man was threatening his pregnant girlfriend with a large power tool. He was holding it to her throat and threatening to kill her and any police officer who tried to intervene.

Using his girlfriend as a human shield, he was threatening to shoot her and the officers, who had briefly caught sight of a black metallic object in the mans hand. The officers commenced intense negotiations which was extremely challenging. They were in a very confined volatile situation with a man who was high on a cocktail of alcohol and drugs and intent on carrying out his threats. Despite this, the officers remained professional and resolute to draw this to a safe conclusion.

In a bid to get a reaction he began to strangle and punch his girlfriend in the stomach, all the time using her as a shield.

After lengthy negotiations, the officers were authorised to take action and the man was detained following two simultaneous taser deployments. He continued to violently resist arrest. Although clearly shaken by this ordeal, no harm was caused to the hostage or her unborn child.

The officers were on aim with both lethal and non- lethal weapons throughout. Instruction had been given to fire as and when they confirmed he had a firearm and was going to use it.

This man was armed and out of control yet the officers were showed true courage in their determination to save the woman and her unborn child.

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