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Man convicted of murdering work colleague, Romford

October 21, 2014, 5:18 pm

A man who kidnapped and brutally attacked a work colleague before leaving him to die in a remote stream has been convicted of murder.

Andrej Malinovskij, 43 (9.11.70), of Pheasant Close E16, was today, Tuesday, 21 October, found guilty at the Old Bailey of killing 34-year-old Evaldas Svolkinas over an unpaid debt.

Mr Svolkinas, of Dorking Rise, Romford, was reported missing to police by his girlfriend on 13 December 2012.

His badly beaten body was found three days later by a dog-walker face down in a stream named Carter’s Brook near Wincanton Road, Romford.

The court heard it had been there since the evening of 13 December, when he had most likely been killed.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Chris Jones, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was clearly a pre-meditated and well-planned attack on a man Malinovskij felt aggrieved by.

“He spent some time studying the victim’s day-to-day movements before carefully choosing his moment to snatch him off the street, bundle him into a car and brutally attack him. He then callously dumped his body in a remote stream where he left him to die.

“The attack may have been well-planned but Malinovskij failed to realise his vehicle had been repeatedly caught on CCTV and it was this that ultimately led to his capture and conviction today.”

The court heard that Mr Svolkinas, a subcontractor in the building trade, was heavily in debt and owned several people money.

Malinovskij was one of those people – the victim owned him money for work he had carried out as a carpenter on a building site the previous September. In November 2012 Malinovskij had sued the victim in the county court for £1,360 in unpaid wages.

He abducted the victim a matter of yards from Mr Svolkinas’s home, early on the morning of 13 December, as he made his way to work.

CCTV showed Malinovskij had twice visited the area in the days leading up to the murder so he could be sure when the victim left his address each day.

Footage on 13 December demonstrated that Malinovskij had left his own home by 04:07hrs, arriving near the victim’s address before 05:00hrs.

The victim would normally have left his home and walked up Dorking Road, onto Whitchurch Road, before visiting a local newsagents and waiting at a bus stop.

But on that day shortly after leaving his house he was grabbed off the street by Malinovskij and bundled into his Renault Espace.

Part of the zip fastening from the rucksack he always carried was later found not far from his home, having come loose in the struggle.

The Espace was then traced on CCTV travelling back towards Malinovskij’s home.

What happened over the next few hours is unknown but the Espace returned to the area in and around Dorking Drive that evening and was a few hundred metres from Carter’s Brook at 20:14hrs.

The vehicle remained there for at least 90 minutes before making off.

A post-mortem examination showed Mr Svolkinas had been hit round the back of the head around eight times with a heavy blunt weapon, fracturing his skull. He is believed to have been unconscious when he was dumped in the stream – cause of death was given as drowning.

Strips of gaffer tape were found metres from the victim’s body.

On 12 December the defendant had booked one-way tickets for himself and his family to travel via ferry from Dover to France – the first part of the journey onto Lithuania – on 17 December. He planned to take his car, which he had used to abduct the victim, with him.

Malinovskij returned to the UK in a different vehicle on 20 January 2013. He was arrested on 26 September 2013 and subsequently charged with murder.

Sentencing will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 22 October, at 10:00hrs.

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