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Custody Sgt Pete Fitz-Gibbon sympathetic approach has positive impact on drug addict

October 21, 2014, 4:41 pm

Last nights “24 Hours In Police Custody” captured the stories of two young men, whose lives had been destroyed by drugs.

The episode provided an interesting perspective, showing the extremes that people go to, to fund their drug habit. Darren was arrested for stealing meat from M&S and Daniel was dealing drugs to finance his own habit. Both young men were clearly victims of those criminal gangs behind the drug trade.

Across the county, recorded drug offences are down 3.5% and solved crime rate is up 1.3% year on year Oct-Sept, and Bedfordshire Police continue to work closely with other law enforcement partners, to disrupt and dismantle those gangs intent on bringing drugs to the streets of Bedfordshire.

Superintendent David Boyle who heads Local Policing Operations in the South of the county, said: “Luton, as with most other metropolitan areas, has its problems with drugs and it is the task of Bedfordshire Police to ensure that the criminal gangs behind the drugs trade are pursued and prosecuted. But we cannot forget those who through complex circumstances are the customers and victims of the drugs trade.”

During the show sympathetic Custody Sergeant Pete Fitz-Gibbon tries his best to persuade Darren to stay strong and get clean – providing him with clean needles and wipes when he finds out he is injecting. The efforts of the force and other partner agencies were rewarded by Darren getting his life together, staying clean and finding a job.

Superintendent Boyle, said: “This is just one example of the support and understanding we offer to those brought into custody on drugs charges. Often they are the victims of their habit and need a lot of care and support. We work closely with those using drugs who need help to break their habit and start rehabilitation.

“We hope this show will act as a deterrent to those taking drugs or tempted to start taking drugs.”

If you are concerned about someone you know and want help and advice or are taking drugs yourself and want to know more about how they affect you and how to give up using them then get help and advice from

If you have information which may help us in our work to keep drugs off the streets of Bedfordshire call Bedfordshire Police on 101. In an emergency dial 999

101 – The police non-emergency number

101 is the number to call when you want to contact your local police in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – when it’s less urgent than a 999 call.
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