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Cheshire Police denying criminals the use of the roads

October 28, 2014, 1:58 pm

Over the past week officers from Cheshire Police Roads Policing Team have been taking part in Operation Trivium, a European wide multi-agency operation designed to tackle foreign national offenders who utilise the road networks.

The main aim of the operation was to disrupt criminality through denying foreign criminals the use of the road. Superintendent Bev Raistrick said: “Despite the fact legislation states that all foreign vehicles being driven in the UK must be registered with the DVLA within six months, it is currently estimated that 15,000 motorists in the UK are driving foreign registered vehicles on UK roads.

“As the details of these vehicles are not held by UK authorities can be used by criminals as a means to escape enforcement from the authorities.

“Our operation was part of a national drive to disrupt those using unregistered foreign vehicles.”

The operation resulted in over 250 vehicle stops in Cheshire along with 28 vehicle seizures, 63 penalty notices and three arrests, including one offender who was recalled to prison.

Superintendent Bev Raistrick added: “The results from this operation are outstanding, and they go a long way towards disrupting criminal activity on our roads.”

In addition to Cheshire Police, other forces from across the UK also took part in the operation, which was led by TISPOL, with assistance of Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, National Crime Agency, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs and the Border Agency, as well as other partner agencies.

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