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Brave officer stops savage knife attack – Police Bravery Awards – Lancashire Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:02 pm

PC Pinnington was on response duties when he was deployed to an address where a woman was being harassed by her ex-partner who was refusing to leave her student accommodation. He was preventing her from getting out and had locked the door. Knowing she had called the police, he made her call again to tell them not to come. Whilst still connected to the communications operator, the mans aggression could be heard and it was soon apparent that the woman was being attacked.

On arrival, PC Pinnington got into the building but found her room was bolted from the inside. Realising she was in imminent danger and with no time to waste, PC Pinnington forced his way through the door and found the man on top of the woman, repeatedly stabbing her with a knife. Instinctively, the officer pulled the man off the victim, managed to disarm him and keep him restrained until back up arrived.

The woman had undergone a vicious, unrelenting, premeditated attack, sustaining serious injuries to her arm and neck which fortunately missed vital arteries. PC Pinnington had no idea what he would be faced with at the other side of the door but he bravely took control of the situation. Had it not been for his quick, selfless actions the woman may have been killed.

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