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Brave officer grabs suicidal man from quarry’s edge – Police Bravery Awards – Surrey Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

A man had an argument with his girlfriend and told his family that this would be the last day they would see him. He had previously attempted suicide so his family were extremely worried and called the police.

He had left the house without his phone so no-one could establish his whereabouts or state of mind. His father and brother started to search areas that they thought he may go to and they managed to locate his car which had been abandoned in a car park near a cliff top viewpoint.

PC Dove was one the officers deployed to the scene to search the heavily wooded area. The national air support helicopter was also called in to make an aerial search and was circling to leave the area when the man was spotted sitting on the edge of a quarry. Officers on the ground quickly made their way to the exact location. They were told to engage in conversation, if appropriate, whilst a negotiator was called.

PC Dove made visual contact and assessed the situation for risk and danger. The officer believed the man was about to jump and he quickly seized his chance and grabbed him, pulling him away from the quarrys edge.

Constable Doves brave and decisive action undoubtedly saved the man from taking his own life.

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