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Bold officer confronts armed robbers at bank raid – Police Bravery Awards – Warwickshire Nominee

October 17, 2014, 6:00 pm

Four armed men wearing balaclavas drove in convoy in a stolen car and stolen digger to rob a bank. They used the digger as a battering ram to force entry into the bank which was open at the time with staff and customers inside.

PC Stamp was opposite the bank, taking a statement when he was alerted to what was happening. Despite being single-crewed and unarmed, PC Stamp instantly ran to confront one of the armed robbers. The robber pointed a handgun at the officer who responded by drawing his taser and pointed it at the offender. The four robbers then ran to an awaiting car and drove off, valiantly pursued by the officer on foot, relaying information to the control room.

A short distance from the bank, the robbers forced a woman and her young child out of their car and proceeded to hijack it.

The men were later caught and three of them sentenced to more than forty years for robbery and firearms offences.

These men were ruthless prolific robbers who showed complete contempt for human life. PC Stamp displayed outstanding courage in confronting this armed and violent gang and continuing to pursue them on foot after they fled from the scene.

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