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30yrs in jail for man who brutally attacked and robbed a man in his own home

October 22, 2014, 2:15 pm

A man has been jailed after he brutally attacked and robbed a man in his own home.

David Dempsey (born 20/06/1971) of Kernishaw Nook, Astley, was found guilty of murder following a re-trial at Liverpool Crown Court today, Wednesday 22 October 2014. He was sentenced to life and will have to serve a minimum of 30 years in prison.

On Sunday 25 August 2013, Dempsey went to 63-year-old Stephen Butterworth’s house on Diamond Street in Leigh where he tried to sell him a gold watch.

He left the watch at the house and left.

Stephen Butterworth spent the rest of the afternoon with his friend before giving him a lift home. He then called in at his niece⿿s house before returning home.

He had told them both that he was having trouble with someone who had been to the house trying to sell him a watch.

At around 5.20pm, Mr Butterworth returned home and shortly afterwards Dempsey came to the door.

Dempsey was seen to put his foot in the door to prevent the door being closed and then walk into the house pushing Mr Butterworth backwards.

Once inside he stabbed Mr Butterworth, twice in the front and twice in his back, before stealing his wallet which contained around £400.00, he then left the address.

Mr Butterworth called his niece and told her he had been stabbed before calling the emergency services. He was taken to hospital for treatment of four stab wounds and a collapsed lung. Mr Butterworth never recovered from the attack and sadly died in hospital a month later on Friday 27 September 2014.

Senior Investigating Officer Duncan Thorpe said: “Stephen’s wife had sadly died in June prior to this attack and it was after this that Dempsey began preying on Mr Butterworth.

⿿Dempsey targeted him while he was grieving and would go to him to sell stolen items that he wanted to get rid of.

⿿He discovered that Mr Butterworth had a substantial amount of cash at his home and it was this that led him back to his house that day. He saw it as an opportunity to steal cash to feed his drug addiction.

⿿Dempsey went on to brutally attack Mr Butterworth in his own home.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for Stephen’s family and friends and our thoughts remain with them.”

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