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Two men have been convicted of committing burglaries in the Newcastle Borough Local Policing Team area

March 11, 2013, 3:19 pm

Two men have been convicted of committing burglaries in the Newcastle Borough Local Policing Team (LPT) area in February and March.

The incidents took place on the Poolfields and Milliners Green estate with a number of them occurring during the daytime while the occupants were out.

Offenders gained entry at a number of the properties by forcing the doors of integral garages, at other homes they forced windows and doors.

Stolen property included mountain bikes, TVs, laptops and gaming consoles.

Joshua Hayes, aged 18, of St Andrews Drive, Poolfields, and Richard Freeman, aged 24, of no fixed address were arrested by police on Tuesday 5th March.

Hayes admitted 11 burglaries while Freeman admitted one offence when they appeared before magistrates at Newcastle on Thursday 7 March. The pair were remanded in custody to appear at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on a future date.

Sgt Simon Brownsword, of Newcastle Local Policing Team, said: “This is the ideal opportunity to issue a reminder to residents as many of the homes targeted had insecure doors leading from the garage to the house.

“Integral garages are often used by offenders as a point of entry and we recommend residents with them to consider improving their security.”
Residents can secure homes by following the below crime prevention advice:

  • ensure all doors and windows leading to garages, conservatories and utility rooms are secured and keys removed
  • don’t leave a spare key where anyone can find it – under a flowerpot, on ledges, on a piece of string through the letterbox or under the doormat are the first places a burglar will look
  • keep your front garden tidy – a house that looks cared for and occupied is less likely to attract thieves. Keep bushes and hedges trimmed to less than a metre as it is difficult for a burglar to crouch below this without drawing attention to him or herself
  • don’t leave valuables on view – a burglar will think of it as a shop window. And remember to keep your doors and windows locked – even if you’re in the back garden
  • don’t leave garden tools lying around – not only could they get stolen, thieves can use them to break into your home. Keep them locked away – whilst it’s rare for burglars to enter above ground floor, ladders should still be secured to a wall bracket
  • if you go on holiday, cancel milk and paper deliveries. If possible ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check your home while you’re away
  • mark property with your postcode or forensic marking liquid – not only does it help police return stolen items, it can put thieves off stealing them in the first place as they’re harder to sell. Add your postcode and house number – if yours is a house name not a number add the first three letters of the name after the postcode
  • take pictures of valuable items like jewellery, ceramics or silverware and write down the serial numbers of electrical goods. Put a ruler next to the object as this gives a better idea of the size of the object stolen which helps police identify them if they are recovered. Make sure you keep the pictures safe, ideally leave them with a friend
  • if you see anyone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood, call the police. If you see anyone breaking into a property call 999 immediately.

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