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Two men convicted of abuse against young girls in Keighley, Yorks

March 7, 2013, 11:38 am

Michael Quinn, Senior District Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

“Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain have today been convicted of an appalling catalogue of abuse against young girls.

“Rehman and Hussain are sexual predators who targeted their victims because of their youth and vulnerability. They systematically and ruthlessly groomed their child victims, plying them with strong alcohol and drugs, and exploited the trust placed in them as adults in the cruellest possible way.

“These offences were then further compounded by the defendants attempts to intimidate one of the prosecution witnesses.  This clearly demonstrates the utter contempt these men have for the rule of law.

“All the victims have shown immense courage in coming forward, and helping us to build a strong prosecution case.  I would like to pay tribute to their bravery today.

“The jury has now found the defendants guilty of all the charges. Thankfully they will be now be behind bars where they can no longer pose a threat to young children. I hope that this outcome will help the victims to continue to rebuild their lives.  The result today sends out the clearest possible message that this type of case will be prosecuted with vigour and robustness.”

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