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Two jailed for GBH and burglaries committed during the 2011 summer disorder

March 9, 2013, 11:45 am

Burglary, Stockwell Rd by ukcrime

GBH, Stockwell Rd by ukcrime

Two youths who carried out a series of burglaries and one of the most violent GBH attacks caught on CCTV during the London disorder in 2011 were sentenced today, Friday 8 March.

The two men, who left the shopkeeper for dead in south London following the attack, appeared at Inner London Crown Court today.

Randean Myles, 17 (12.12.95) of Tyler House, Stockwell, was sentenced to five years imprisonment for GBH and four counts of burglary.

Andrew Scott, 16 (24.4.96) of Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, was sentenced to five years and six months for GBH and five counts of burglary.

Both were found guilty on 11 February 2013 of Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm and burglaries at a number of commercial premises.

A third member of their group, Bradley Jordison, 19, of Thrayle House, Stockwell, was sentenced to 15 months suspended for two years and 200 hours unpaid community service after pleading guilty to two counts of burglary.

Myles and Jordison were arrested in November 2011 and Scott in September 2012 following a painstaking investigation into a violent attack on a local shopkeeper who had come to the assistance of a female cyclist who was being assaulted by the youths in Lambeth.

Officers from Operation Withern trawled through hundreds of hours of CCTV footage and mobile phone data to uncover their night long crime spree across Lambeth and Wandsworth in the early hours of Monday 8 August 2011.

The trio began shortly after 01.00hrs in Stockwell Road, where they had smashed up shop windows and hurled wheelie bins and road work barriers into the road, thereby creating dangerous road blocks.

After assaulting a passenger who had got out of a taxi to remove a road block, the gang carried on along the road, where they continued their rampage by pushing over a port-a-loo onto the southbound carriage way. Like the taxi before, a female cyclist was soon forced to stop. She was then pushed off her bike and assaulted.

A local shopkeeper who was on his way home came to the cyclist’s assistance, and was confronted by the group. What followed was a violent attack by Myles and Scott, including kicks and stamps to the victim’s head as he lay defenceless on the ground. After going through his pockets, Scott even returned to deliver another kick to the unconscious man, leaving him for dead in the middle of the carriage way.

As members of the public called the police and London Ambulance, the group were later captured on CCTV committing burglaries in a number of commercial properties, including Nando’s, Ladbrokes and Curry’s.

The judge today commended the victim and awarded him £500 as public reward for his bravery.

Investigating officers Detective Constable Paul Trueman, Police Sergeant Paul Tothan and Acting Detective Sergeant Kevin Eade were also singled out for praise by the judge.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Elliot, from Operation Withern, said: “This was one of the most disturbingly vicious attacks that I have seen out of all the hours of CCTV footage I have seen. Fortunately, more by luck than anything else, the victim’s injuries were not life threatening, although he is permanently scarred and this traumatic experience will be with him for a long time, so I am especially pleased that these people will be serving a lengthy sentence for what they have done. More than 18 months on we are still resolutely committed to bringing all those involved in the disorder to justice and will continue in our efforts.”

+ A total of 4863 arrests have been made as part of Operation Withern and work to identify further suspects continues.

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