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Special Constabulary – making a difference

March 12, 2013, 11:19 am

Special Constables arrest two and seize a vehicle whilst training in Chelmsford.

On March 9 Special Constables of the Operational Support Group received technology training in a bid to crackdown on criminals using the Essex road network and to help reduce traffic collisions.

The special constables learnt how to use the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems that can read multiple vehicle number plates and check them against police and DVLA databases within seconds.

After the officers finished their initial training a small operation was set up to put their skills into practice in a real life scenario. The officers were out in Chelmsford for approximately two hours and this resulted in:

• 75 vehicles stopped

• 2 males were arrested – one for possession of a bladed article and another for possession of drugs with the intent to supply

• 40 tickets issued for various offences ranging from no seat belt, using a mobile phone and defective tyres

• 1 vehicle seized (driver had no driving licence)

Specials Sergeant Thomas Simons of OSG, who trained the officers and organised the operation said “Training Special Constables in the latest technologies and running Operations like this one allows us to not only reduce the amount of accidents in the county but also to disrupt criminals using our roads. A great example of this was today, we conducted a ‘mini’ operation which only lasted a couple of hours and in that time we seized a vehicle as the driver had no driving licence and arrested two males”

This was echoed by Special Inspector Alexander Ward who commented “This is another great example of trained, trusted volunteers at work doing what we do best – making a difference.”

There are 23 specials in the Operational Support Group working on a wide variety of taskings.

If you are thinking about joining the Special Constabulary visit the Essex Police website

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