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Police ‘steal’ 28 phones and bags in one night

March 5, 2013, 1:56 pm

On Friday night four members of police staff carried out an experiment in Bristol city centre to see how easy it is for thieves to steal phones, bags and purses from revellers.

The team of ‘thieves’ visited some of the city’s biggest clubs, pubs and bars and in the space of just 5 hours stickered 28 phones, wallets or bags that they could have taken if they were genuine criminals.

Inspector Keith Rundle said; “Every weekend we have people ringing us to report that their phone, wallet or handbag has been taken. Nine times out of ten this will be because they’ve left it out in plain sight on tables, floors or back of chairs making it really easy for the thieves to target you.

“With smart phones now often worth around £500 it’s easy money for the thieves. We ran this experiment to raise awareness of just how easy it is to take your things if you don’t keep them safe.”

Over 1000 mobile phones and 500 purses and wallets are stolen on average every year from people visiting Bristol city centre. Police are hoping to reduce that number by making people more aware of their responsibility in helping to combat crime.

Some top tips to keep your stuff safe:

•       Keep your phones/bags/purses/wallets/iPods/cameras out of sight – don’t advertise your stuff to thieves.
•       Keep your bag, phone, purses, wallets on your person and never leave them unattended.
•       Don’t hang bags containing your purse/wallet or other valuables on the backs of chairs or tucked under chairs where you can’t see them.
•       Register your property at

Inspector Keith Rundle said: “We are also asking people to think about what they stand to lose if their phone is taken. Smart phones now contain so much information that you could lose all of your music, photos, passwords and worst of all give thieves access to your identity.”

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