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PCC launches cadet pilot for Staffordshire

March 11, 2013, 9:24 am

Stafford youngsters will be first in line to join an innovative new scheme being launched by the countys Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) this week (Monday 11 March).

The new police cadet scheme for Staffordshire was one of Commissioner Matthew Elliss key election pledges. It aims to strengthen links between the police and young people and promote good citizenship.

“The schemes all about encouraging young people to develop new skills and self-confidence in the service of communities. It isnt about recruiting police officers – its about developing young people and making a positive difference to communities,” explained Commissioner Ellis.

“And when budgets are tight, Im determined it will run at no cost to the local taxpayer. Money will come from business sponsorship and not from operational police budgets.”

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham will be responsible for the operational delivery of the scheme.

He said: “Cadets will take part in lots of different activities and learn more about what its like to work for Staffordshire Police. Theyll get to wear their own police cadet uniform and work with members of Staffordshire Police to help keep communities safe and reassured.

“This could mean giving out safety advice to local people or helping us to find out about their concerns. Theyll also learn more about how we track down criminals, about the gadgets and equipment we use to fight crime and have a go at operational personal safety training.”

Cadets will also work towards Duke of Edinburgh bronze, silver and gold awards having a go at hiking, climbing and orienteering.

Two different schemes are being developed for different age groups. Fourteen to seventeen year-old boys and girls can join the senior cadets and a junior scheme will cater for ten to thirteen year-olds.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Arnold, who is overseeing the initiative, said: “The first pilot unit for up to 30 senior cadets will be based at police headquarters in Stafford and were urging interested 14 and 15 year-olds in the Borough to get involved.

“This is a great opportunity for young people to develop social and leadership skills as well as helping with their self esteem, motivation and confidence – and crucially developing a relationship with the police.

“Cadets tend to operate like a family where discipline, friendship and teamwork are all important. By being a police cadet, you have the satisfaction of knowing that as a young person you are making a difference to your community and developing yourself for any future career.”

Later this year cadet numbers will grow to around 180 as more units are rolled out across the county and city of Stoke-on-Trent. Parents and young people can follow future unit plans at

The deadline for application forms for the Stafford unit, which must be signed by a parent or guardian, is Friday 22 March at 5pm. Forms can be downloaded from Youngsters living outside the Stafford Borough area can also register their interest in future units here.

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