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Officers from British Transport Police (BTP), and representatives from Samaritans and members of the local community, will be unveiling a plaque to promote a ‘Station Watch’ scheme at Northallerton railway station this week.

March 11, 2013, 1:01 pm


Due to an increase in fatalities at the station, BTP, supported by Samaritans, has set up a number of initiatives, including carrying out joint patrols at the station and launching a ‘Station Watch scheme, where monthly meetings are held with local residents and the community in Samaritans offices.

The Station Watch scheme –

Previously, BTP officers and members of the local community in Northallerton launched a Neighbourhood Watch-style scheme to ensure the station in the town remains a safe place to travel and work. The scheme, the first of its kind for the station, and the area, started at the beginning of August 2012.

The scheme is all about residents, passengers and rail staff working together with BTP to address any crime or other issues which arise at the station and surrounding area. Members include residents who overlook the station and railway who will act as eyes and ears of the railway and report anything to police.

The scheme has also been set up to address an increase in the number of suicides at the station. Samaritans are actively involved and at the first meeting they held an awareness workshop which covered the signs and behaviours that people may display when feeling suicidal and provided statistics on the age, race and gender of people who are more susceptible to depression and suicide.

Volunteers for Samaritans have also been accompanying BTP officers on high-profile patrols at the station and handing out information cards. There has been some excellent support and positive feedback from members of the public and rail staff at the station.

The station is already covered by CCTV and is regularly patrolled by BTP officers.

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