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New Chief Inspector for Dacorum

March 4, 2013, 4:58 pm

Theres a new Chief Inspector in Dacorum who is responsible for all policing in the borough.

Chief Inspector Glen Channer started the role in February, having previously worked in the Protecting Vulnerable People Unit at Police Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, which involved overseeing the Sexual Offences Team, Child Protection Unit and the Paedophile Investigation Unit.

Glen has spent the majority of his career with Hertfordshire Constabulary working in Dacorum since joining in 2000 after ten years with the Metropolitan Police. His first posting was in Dacorum, moving through the ranks in roles including Sergeant of the Intervention Team and Detective Inspector in charge of crime.

Glen said: “Im really pleased to be returning to the area. Dacorum is probably the busiest area for policing in the county, and we have very diverse communities to serve, each with different policing challenges. Im starting from a good foundation, with all crime reducing by over 12%, which is great news for the people in the borough.”

His most recent role as Detective Chief Inspector at the Protecting Vulnerable People Unit saw Glen at the forefront of an innovative project, resulting in the formation of the Joint Child Protection Investigation Team, one of the first of its kind in the country. The Joint Child Protection Investigation Team brings together police officers and social workers in one office at Police HQ and the move meant greater sharing of information and resources, and joint training. Since its formation in September 20122, the team are able to swiftly and effectively investigate allegations of child abuse, which includes physical and sexual abuse as well as cases of neglect.

Glen replaces Chief Inspector Mike Pryce, who is now working for the Crime Reduction Unit at Police HQ.

Glen added: “Im hoping to build on Mikes work and further develop our relationship with partner agencies such as Dacorum Borough Council to tackle issues that matter to local people, which includes anti-social behaviour. I want to make Dacorum a zero tolerance for crime. We have a good strong team doing their best to drive down crime, catch criminals and make the borough safe so I want to bolster this great work with more solid partnership working.”

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