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MPS Response to IPCC report re the murder of Sally Hodkin

March 5, 2013, 12:32 pm

Commander Neil Basu, Area Commander for south east London said: “The
death of Sally Hodkin is tragic and our thoughts go out to her family
and to Kerry Clark who was injured by Nicola Edgington

“Mrs Hodkin had been on her way to work in the early hours of Monday 10
October when she was approached by Nicola Edgington and stabbed in the
neck. Edgington also assaulted Kerry Clark.

“Prior to this, Edgington was voluntarily taken by police to the A&E
department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich and was waiting to be
seen by a mental health team. The officers left her in a place of safety
to be cared for by professionals trained to deal with people with mental
health issues, and the IPCC investigation found that this was the
correct course of action.

“Edgington made a number of calls to police from hospital asking for
officers to attend whilst she was in the mental health assessment unit
waiting to be assessed. She was reassured that she was in a place of
safety and would be assessed by medical professionals. Police control
room staff made contact with the hospital who advised that the hospital
security had the matter in hand and that there was no need for police

“There has been criticism that officers did not conduct a Police
National Computer (PNC) check on her details, which would have
identified that Edgington had been violent in the past and had a
previous conviction for manslaughter. With the benefit of hindsight this
may have assisted officers with background information, however, as the
IPCC investigation concluded, whilst Edgington was vulnerable, she was
compliant and herself seeking medical assistance. The officers acted on
the facts in front of them, which they do on a regular basis every day.
A PNC check alone would not have prevented the actions that Edgington
subsequently took.

“The IPCC concluded their investigation and no recommendations were made
for either misconduct or learning for the MPS. They also identified that
no police officer or staff breached the code of conduct or MPS policies.

“Despite this we will of course review the findings of the IPCC

“Once again our thoughts remain with the family of Sally Hodkin and with
Kerry Clark.”

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