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Fake cash punters jailed

March 8, 2013, 3:22 pm

A brother and sister have been jailed after they were caught with more than £1,700 in fake £20 notes at Newmarket race Course.

Allan and Carol Miller were stopped and searched by police after the betting ring manager was made aware that fake notes were being used on Ladies Day, July 12, last year.

Allan, 22, was found to have seven betting slips and £820 worth of fake notes, Carol, 24, had £720 in counterfeit currency. They also had more than £100 in legal tender.

It is thought the pair had planned to place bets with the fake notes then pocket the change and/or winnings.

Allan said he had paid £250 for £1,000 at his local bingo hall in Dagenham and that he bought a further £1,000 for the same price for his sister.

Allan, of Allhorne Way, Dagenham, Carol, from Ayrshire, Scotland, both pleaded guilty to possessing counterfeit money and four counts of placing a bet with counterfeit notes – worth a total of £140.

They were both jailed for a total of eight months at Cambridge Crown Court today (Friday March 8).

Detective Sergeant John Yore said: “This pair probably thought they could get away with changing up the fake notes at the racecourse because it was so busy.

“But they didn’t bargain for the fact that bookies have a keen eye for counterfeit notes and quickly spotted that the £20 notes were fake.

“This should send a strong message that this kind of offence will not be tolerated and anyone who might be tempted to try to use counterfeit currency faces being jailed.”

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