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Daughter inspired to join police by mother’s dedication to the job

March 9, 2013, 4:38 pm

An investigator has told of how she longed to join West Midlands Police after being inspired by her mother who was already a serving officer in the force.

Speaking on Mothers Day weekend, 25-year-old Natasha Bruckshaw, said she is that latest in a long-line of family members to work for the force after joining in 2008.

With both her parents serving police officers, but some doubts as to whether she could do the job, Natasha turned to her mum Gayle Trowman for advice.

She explained: “I didnt think I was up for everything that being a police officer entailed, but I knew I wanted to join after seeing how much mum and dad got from it.

“My mum was great – she talked me through the options and between us we decided I would be suited to the role of a PCSO and so I got my application in.

“I did it for a few years and then moved into a new role in the professional standards department as an investigator, dealing with complaints and internal disciplinary matters.”

Natashas mum, who is a sergeant based at Bournville, said: “I was quite flattered when she said she wanted to join the police – you take it as a compliment. I know some people do worry about family members who are in the job, because of the dangers involved, but Im not a negative person and I wanted Natasha to do what she wanted to do.”

Working for an organisation as big as West Midlands Police, with its tens-of-thousands of staff, means that Natasha and Gayle rarely see each other whilst on-duty.

But Natasha explained how their family connection did help during a project in the Billesley and Sparkbrook areas of Birmingham, when they both worked on neighbourhood policing teams.

She said: “We both put our heads together to share ideas and work out how best we could get some key messages through to young people in the community. We worked hard to get funding to support the initiative which was a great success – and we did regularly take the job home with us throughout the project.”

Such is the nature of being a police officer, Sgt Trowman will be at work for Mothers Day, as her daughter Natasha stays at home with her husband and two-year-old son.

“The men are cooking,” said Natasha, when asked how they would be celebrating Mothers Day. But neither will have to travel far, as they now live next-door to each other…proving that their mother and daughter bond is as strong as ever!

Throughout the last week West Midlands Police have been celebrating the history and contribution of women in policing on the forces Flickr account.

Inspector Denise Clarke, from the forces Association for Women in Policing said: “Women have always made a contribution to policing. Whether it was supervising female prisoners or supporting their husbands in the job.

“We have obviously travelled a long way in the last century and today women form an integral part of the force, fulfilling key roles as officers, police staff, police community support officers and special constables.

“Our highest ranking female officer, Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe has responsibility for local policing and performs a top job alongside her male colleagues.

“The Association for Women in Policing provides support to all women in the force and daily we hear stories about how women are making a difference to West Midlands Police which makes us feel very proud.”

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