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Convicted drug dealer has sentence extended after failing to make cash repayment

March 1, 2013, 1:49 pm

A convicted drug dealer has had his jail sentence extended after failing to pay back almost £500,000 of his ill-gotten gains in the allotted time.

Mohammed Farid (30/09/73), of Wellington Road, Oldham, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin, cocaine and cannabis as well as money laundering offences.

On Thursday 28 June 2012, he was sentenced to 14 years and five months in prison for the drugs offences and three and a half years to run consecutively for the money laundering offences.

On Friday 23 November 2012, at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, he was found to have benefited from his criminality by £1,249,719.54. Based on available assets he was ordered to repay £472,306.72 within 28 days.

The confiscation order was made following a thorough financial investigation into his finances/assets, which found he has equity in a house Wellington Road, Oldham and Lorne Street, Oldham. The confiscation order also took into account his property/business on Silver Street (‘The Big Cafe’), £102,000 that was in bank accounts, £75,000 worth of vehicles and a further amount of £34,000.

He has failed to repay the money and on Wednesday 27 February 2013, a magistrate invoked a default sentence on two years and nine months that has been added to his current term.

He is still liable for the repayment.

The cash has been paid over by Farid and any remaining assets will now be sold.

Detective Inspector Glen Jones, said: “The POCA order was explicitly clear: Farid was given 28 days to make the payment or face a considerable extension to his already lengthy prison sentence.

“He has not met the deadline and not only will he serve almost three more years in prison, he still owes the money, which we are determined will be paid.

“POCA legislation is there to ensure criminals who make vast sums of cash from criminality do not leave prison to live the life of Riley. It is there to ensure they are stripped of their assets and made to pay back their ill-gotten gains and the consequences when this is ignored are significant.”

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