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Officers rescue driver from freezing lake in N20

February 21, 2013, 3:33 pm

Two police constables from Barnet borough have saved a woman’s life
after her car was driven into a freezing lake off Totteridge Lane, N20.

The Metropolitan Police Service was called at 08.05 hrs this morning, 21
February, by a member of the public who saw the car being driven into
the lake with the female driver apparently unconscious.

Officers were soon on the scene as the car began to sink under the

Fearing that the life of the driver was at imminent risk, the two male
PCs entered the lake, smashed one of the car’s windows, which was
submerged, and dragged the woman free before taking her back to dry

Officers and subsequently London Ambulance Service crew attended to the
woman and made attempts to warm her up as she displayed symptoms of
possible hypothermia.

She has now been taken to a north London hospital for further treatment
where her condition has been confirmed as non-life-threatening.
Enquiries continue into the circumstances in which the car drove into
the lake.

Barnet Borough Commander Adrian Usher: “I am incredibly proud of these
officers and would like to pay tribute to the speed and courage with
which they acted to protect the life of this driver.

“In the bitterly cold conditions we have today, there is little doubt
that a sustained period in the water would have posed a serious threat
to the woman’s life.

“This incident demonstrates the lengths that officers in Barnet, London
and across the country are willing to go to in order to protect members
of the communities they serve, and they are deserving of our utmost

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