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New priorities for Wormley Turnford as anti-social behaviour falls

February 26, 2013, 12:04 pm

The number of anti-social behaviour incidents (ASB) in the Wormley Turnford area saw a significant fall in the last three months of 2012.

During the period between October and December 2012 there were 78 recorded incidents of ASB, compared with 141 during the same period in 2011 – a drop of around 45 per cent.

The fall comes following months of proactive work by the Safer Neighbourhood Officers, who have been patrolling areas where ASB was occurring, as well as working with local people to develop relationships and address any contributing issues.

During 2012 the three neighbourhood priorities had all focussed on dealing with ASB. Following the much reduced number of incidents, the local Safer Neighbourhood team agreed the following new priorities with local councillors:

·         Anti-social behaviour: Tackling anti-social behaviour in the area of Macers Court, Macers Lane, Fairfield Drive, Slipe Lane, Rowan Drive, Mulberry Close, Juniper Close, The Springs and Nunsbury Drive.

·         Drug dealing: Tackling drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour in and around Hertford Regional College.

·         Mini motos/motorcycles: Anti-social riding in the area of Slipe Lane, The Springs and Rowan Drive.

Inspector Ian Tycer said: “We have been focussed on reducing anti-social behaviour in the area for the last year and it is encouraging to see that we have made good progress in tackling those involved in causing it. The officers in the neighbourhood team have been doing a great job of working with local people to resolve the problem.

“Anti-social behaviour is still an issue in some areas, but we are now driving it down and we will continue our proactive work to ensure that it does not creep back up.”

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