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IPCC receives referral from West Yorkshire Police in relation to Jimmy Savile

February 20, 2013, 11:06 am

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has received a referral from West Yorkshire Police in relation to the alleged actions of a former police inspector. The allegations refer to the officer having ‘acted on behalf of the late Jimmy Savile by contacting Surrey Police ahead of a police interview in 2009.

The referral follows a direction from the IPCC to record and refer the conduct of the former inspector, identified in a Surrey Police report as ‘Inspector 5.

In addition to this, the IPCC has written to seven police forces, including West Yorkshire, and asked them to review all relevant material and information to establish whether there are conduct matters that should be referred to the IPCC. These forces are West Yorkshire, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley, Greater Manchester, the Metropolitan and Lancashire police forces. They have been asked to re-look at all information relating to the late Jimmy Savile. The IPCC has asked that each force provides the relevant documents and, if they decide not to record or refer any matters, the rationale for not doing so.

This decision follows the IPCCs review of recently published reports – Operation Yewtree (MPS / NSPCC); the Crown Prosecution Service report by Alison Levitt QC and Operation Ornament (Surrey Police). In addition the IPCC also reviewed information supplied by West Yorkshire Police, Sussex Police and Her Majestys Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). The inspectorate is preparing a report for the Home Secretary on information known to the police and the response to historic allegations of criminal conduct in relation to Jimmy Savile.
IPCC Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne said: “Having had the opportunity to assess all the information that is available to us I directed West Yorkshire Police to record and refer the conduct of a former inspector.
“Furthermore I believe that all the forces that may have had intelligence concerning the late Jimmy Savile should now go back and consider all the relevant information and materials they possess that may highlight any recordable conduct issues for the IPCC to assess.

“A number of bodies are already working to address the deep rooted public concern in this case and have published reports. It is now for the IPCC to assess thoroughly whether or not there are matters in relation to the conduct of individual officers that require an IPCC investigation. This may be of little comfort to victims of crime but I hope that the IPCC can play some part in addressing what many see as a catalogue of institutional failings.”

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