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Heroic officers back on the beat

February 23, 2013, 12:07 am

Two police constables from Barnet who saved the life of a driver after
her car plunged into a freezing cold lake are back on the beat following
the dramatic rescue yesterday (Thursday 21 February).

Police were called at 08:05 to reports of a car being driven into the
lake with the female driver apparently unconscious at the wheel.

Shortly afterwards PC Ryan Perry, 38 with 11 years service and PC Marc
Cash, 26 with five years service, arrived at the scene to find anxious
members of the public around the edge of the lake looking at a car.

Within seconds of their arrival the car began to sink. With half the car
submerged under murky water they could just about see the waterline was
up to the ladies chest. Fearing that they did not have much time the two
officers entered into the lake.

As they went into the water a member of the public and a fellow
colleague handed PC Cash and PC Perry a claw hammer and a glass hammer
which had been in their police vehicle.

The officers were able to reach the submerged vehicle and PC Ryan tried
to use the claw hammer to break the car window but it would not break.

PC Cash then used the glass hammer to break the window and eventually it
gave way. PC Perry then used the claw hammer to clear the broken glass
from the door window.

The officers reached into the vehicle and pulled the lady out of the car
and swam back to the jetty supporting the women. By this point both
officers were extremely cold, exhausted and anxious for the welfare of
the driver.

As more colleagues arrived at the jetty they were able to help pull the
driver and both officers out of the water.

PC Marc Cash, “When we arrived at the scene we could tell straight away
that we did not have much time, the car was beginning to sink and the
driver was un-responsive to our shouts.

“When we jumped into the lake, the cold water just took your breath away
and I felt it hard to make my next breath. We tried to stand, but we
started to sink into the mud at the bottom of the lake and eventually
the water came up to our chin, so we had to swim throughout the entire

PC Ryan Perry Said, “Prior to jumping into the lake we looked around for
any rescue equipment but there was none. We realised this was a serious
situation and that we had to act fast, so we took off our heavy
equipment and went into the lake.

After several attempts to break the window it final gave way and we were
able to pull the woman from the car.

We’re both glad that this ended without anyone being too seriously

All three were given emergency treatment as a result of the cold they
had endured. Members of the public also assisted the police by carefully
wrapping the driver who at the time was slipping in and out of
consciousness in blankets.

Both officers were taken to Watford General hospital and given tetanus
injections and treated for minor cuts to their hands that were caused by
them breaking the car window. The lady was treated for minor cuts and

The rescued driver is conscious and stable in hospital, both officers
are fit and well and have returned for normal duty today.

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