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CPS: “Dappy” sentenced to six months’ suspended imprisonment

February 15, 2013, 4:20 pm

Dino Contostavlos, also known as “Dappy” from pop group N-Dubz, has been sentenced to suspended imprisonment, a fine and unpaid work after being found guilty of affray and assault by beating at an earlier trial.

Dino Contostavlos, and co-defendants Alfred Miller and Kieran Vassell, were convicted following a trial at Guildford Crown Court. It followed an attack on three young men at a petrol station in the town in February 2012, after Contostavlos spat at two girls on the petrol forecourt. One victim was left with nine broken teeth, while another suffered a fractured nose.

Senior District Crown Prosecutor for the CPS South East Area, Nigel Knight, said:

“This case involved a violent attack on three young men on a night out, who were admirably attempting to protect two girls they had just met. Anyone in the situation these victims found themselves in would have feared for their own safety. Unable to defend themselves, they were left with numerous injuries as a result of a gratuitous attack.”

The defendants were sentenced as follows:

Alfred Miller – 19 months imprisonment plus total of £4,500 to victims and £1,000 prosecution costs

Kieran Vassell – 14 months imprisonment plus total of £1,500 to victims and £500 prosecution costs

Dino Contostavlos – six months imprisonment for count 1 (affray) suspended for 18 months plus 14 days to run concurrently for count 4 (assault by beating), 150 hours of unpaid work, plus total of £4,500 to victims and £2,000 prosecution costs.

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