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Couple finds love after jealous and controlling ex partner is jailed for attempted murder

February 22, 2013, 11:50 pm

A jealous and controlling ex-partner has been jailed after he attacked a man and left him for dead after mistakenly thinking he was in a relationship with his former partner.

Kevin Pallatina, 45 of Bridgewater Close in Brownhills, was found guilty at an earlier hearing of the attempted murder of a man he mistakenly thought was the new boyfriend of his ex-partner.

He was sentenced to 20 years at Shrewsbury Crown Court today (Friday 22 February) and ordered to serve a minimum term of ten.

The court heard that Pallatina had planned his attack after seeing his ex-partner with a man in a pub on Thursday 18 February 2010. He mistakenly thought the pair were forming a relationship in the weeks after he had split from her.

On that same night, Pallatina attacked the 47-year-old man as he was walking home alone on High Street in Brownhills.

In a frenzied attack Pallatina stabbed the victim 13 times in his face and head and violently kicked and punched him to the ground where he stamped on his head several times.

The victim was so savagely beaten his eye socket was smashed in the attack which resulted in him losing an eye.

An investigation was launched and trainers, covered in the victims DNA and matching the footprint left on the victims body, were found at Pallatinas home.

Pallatina also admitted to sending text messages to his ex-girlfriend threatening to harm the man he had seen her with.

Detective Constable Julian Moss, from Force CID, said: “Pallatina had a history of controlling and possessive behaviour which ultimately led to the breakdown of this relationship.

“He continued to harass his ex-girlfriend and as a result a harassment order was served on him, which he breached.

“The attack was vicious and planned and it is fortunate we were not dealing with a murder inquiry.

“The victim who still bears the scars from the attack has fortunately been able to rebuild his life. Ironically, the attack led to the pair forming a relationship and throughout the three year investigation they have supported each other.

“We hope that todays sentence will allow the couple to put the attack behind them and enable them to move on.”

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