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Clampdown on dangerous parkers in Wolverhampton

February 22, 2013, 7:10 pm

A clampdown on dangerous parking and driving in Wolverhampton has seen almost 70 motorists handed police fines.

Officers responding to complaints from residents and local businesses have targeted illegal parking in the city centre and Wednesfield, with particular focus on Bentley Bridge, Lichfield Street, Garrick Street and Wednesfield High Street.

Since February 5 local neighbourhood officers have issued a total of 66 fixed penalty fines to motorists found driving in bus lanes, ramped up kerbs and blocking entrances, plus non-blue badge holders parking in disabled bays.

PC Lee Hayward of Wolverhampton Polices Business Sector team, said: “The no tolerance crackdown follows on-going complaints about illegal parking from local residents and businesses in the area.

“Weve seen some shocking examples of bad parking, including people blocking footpaths and forcing pedestrians – including mums with buggies – into the road, and others who queue jump by driving in bus lanes.

“We often hear offenders say ‘I was only there for a few minutes but that doesnt matter – illegal parking like this can easily cause accidents and potentially have very serious consequences. Theres no excuse and any motorist found committing parking offences will be issued with a fixed penalty fine.”

As part of Wolverhampton Polices long term plan to tackle the issue officers we will also be working with Wolverhampton City Council to ensure clear signage is put up across the city.

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