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Calling time on drunk and rowdy behaviour

February 26, 2013, 10:48 am

Police in Sunderland are calling time on drunk and rowdy behaviour in the city centre.

The action comes after residents raised the issue as a concern through the Safer Communities Survey.

Officers are working closely with pubs and clubs to promote responsible drinking and to take action at any problem premises.

People committing violent offences or who have been caught stealing in licensed premises will be banned from them under the Pubwatch scheme. Four people have been subject to an exclusion in January.

Anyone charged in relation to violence or alcohol-related crimes will also have strict bail conditions excluding them from the city centre.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team is seeking enforcement action against those selling alcohol to young people, while patrols have been stepped up in areas of the city where youths have been gathering causing anti-social behaviour.

Throughout January, there were 35 arrests for drunk and disorderly in the city centre – a reduction of 18 on the month before. Reported crime has also fallen by 14 compared to January last year.

Mick Hall, city centre Neighbourhood Inspector, said: “We know drunk and rowdy behaviour is an issue for our residents and we will continue to provide a high visibility presence in the city centre to support the night time economy.

“We are working closely with door supervisors to prevent underage drinkers and troublemakers entering licensed premises while also seizing any fake IDs from under 18s trying to get into pubs and clubs.

“The mobile treatment unit and street pastors are also providing extra services to people in the city.

“Sunderland city centre does have a vibrant nightlife and we want those who are over 18 to come and enjoy it.

“But if we see any individual or group behaving in a way that has the potential to cause trouble we will not hesitate to intervene before it gets out of hand.

“We’re working hard to make the city centre an even safer place to enjoy a night out – don’t let being drunk ruin it for you.”

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