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Burglars beware homes branded with DNA

February 26, 2013, 3:24 pm

DNA technology will be used across Dudley over the coming months to prevent victims of burglary being repeatedly targeted.

Dudley Police are now visiting victims of crime and using a DNA property marking liquid to mark property and entry to premises where burglars may try to gain access.

The product brands items with an individual DNA code, making it a perfect way of linking a suspect to the stolen items or targeted property, if they have been in direct contact.

It will also help in reuniting victims with their goods if they are recovered.

Dudleys community safety partnership, safe and sound, has funded this DNA initiative.

And whilst properties across the borough will be DNA coded, the Offender Management team will be cracking down on known offenders.
Detective Sergeant Matt Morgan is leading the initiative across the borough. He explains:

“Burglary is a current priority for us and we are keen to exploit every avenue that could help us solve this kind of crime, as well as helping to better support victims in their hour of need.

“DNA property marking liquid packs will be used where there is a known problem in a bid to prevent residents or businesses being targeted.

“This approach should have a beneficial impact, in helping to reassure vulnerable people and acting as a deterrent to would-be offenders, whilst helping us with identification of recovered stolen property and prosecuting offenders.

“It is not only ideal for homes at risk but also premises such as churches and schools that are often vulnerable to burglary.”

Police officers will be encouraged to routinely search for ‘DNA marked items when undertaking house searches.

Specialist lights to detect the DNA substance will be used when people suspected of burglary are taken into police custody to determine if they are linked to recently reported offences.

Councillor Judy Foster, cabinet member responsible for community safety, said: “Its vital we continue working together to tackle burglary. I would encourage borough residents to make every effort to mark their property, not only does it help deter burglars but when a burglary is committed, it helps the police reunite owners with their property.

“By working in partnership we can use all our resources to help reduce the number of our residents becoming victims of this crime.”

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