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Brother-in-law found guilty of woman’s manslaughter

February 19, 2013, 4:36 pm

A man has been found guilty of causing the death of his sister-in-law following an argument at his West Bromwich home.

Beata Hausner died following an alcohol-fuelled row at the home of her sister and brother-in-law on West Bromwich High Street last May.

The 26-year-old Polish national was admitted to hospital in the early hours of 14 May, having suffered a serious head injury.

The severe nature of the young womans injuries led police at the scene to arrest 33-year-old Piotr Naja, her brother-in-law, who returned home a short time after emergency services arrived at the flat.

Beata died in hospital the following day, despite the best efforts of medical staff. A post mortem examination confirmed she had died as a result of a serious head injury.

Naja was later charged with the offence of manslaughter and a further charge of assault against his wife, Ewa. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and his trial began at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Monday 28 January. Following the four-week trial a jury found the Polish national guilty of both charges.

Detective Sergeant Rob Bastin, from the forces Major Investigation Review Team, led the inquiry into Beatas death. Following todays verdict, he said: “This result sees a violent and dangerous man convicted of a brutal attack on his sister-in-law, which ultimately ended her life.

“Beata had come to Britain to try and save her sister, who she believed was suffering serious domestic abuse at the hand of her husband, Piotr.

“Ewa herself had sustained serious injuries that night, but ultimately it was Beata who Piotr metered out his most severe attack on.

“Todays verdict means that Ewa can continue to mourn her sister, safe in the knowledge that she can come to no further harm.

“I hope that the result offers some comfort to the rest of Beatas family who continue to grieve for her.”

Naja has been remanded in custody ahead of his sentencing at Wolverhampton Crown Court, on 13 March.

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