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Seven issued football banning orders following disorder

January 31, 2013, 3:52 pm

Seven men who were involved in a violent clash outside a bar moments before a European tie at Old Trafford have been banned from going to football grounds for three years.

The following men were handed football banning orders by a judge in Manchester on Monday 28 January 2013.

– Anthony Robinson, 42, from Huddersfield
– Patrick Euston, 39, from Bury
– Andrew Hill, 28, from Bamber Bridge
– Mark Green, 39, from Northern Moor
– Mark Knott, 49 from Urmston, Manchester
– Dean Clark, 39, from Oldham
– Michael Lewis, 26 from Denton

The court was shown a catalogue of evidence compiled by police showing the seven, who went to watch Manchester United, involved in a string of misdemeanours at home and away matches.

All seven took part in violent clashes with Ajax fans outside The Binary, a bar in Manchester, prior to the Europa League match between the two clubs in February 2012.

PC Ashley Keyte from Greater Manchester Police’s Force Events Section said: “We do not consider these men to be football fans as to do so would be a slur on the vast majority of decent supporters who go to games and behave impeccably week-in week-out.

“Football related violence has no part in modern society, yet some mindless individuals still think it’s acceptable to brawl with others for no other reason than their allegiance to another team.

“We work hard with football clubs across Greater Manchester to ensure that those who are convicted are banned from not only the ground of the team they support, but every single stadium in the UK.

“That is the case with these seven individuals.”

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