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Man fallen from roof following robbery

January 2, 2013, 10:49 am

Police were called to Ferntower Road, N5, shortly before 09.30hrs on
Sunday, 31 December, following reports of an injured man.

Officers and LAS attended and found a man, aged approximately 80ys,
suffering non-life-threatening head and hand injuries following an
apparent robbery.

Three suspects were identified and subsequently traced to a property in
nearby Poets Road.

Officers attended and arrested one male as he left the property.

Following a forced entry to the property, one male was arrested, while
two other males left through a window – one was arrested in the garden,
another climbed up to the roof.

Officers remained in contact with the male, aged 18 [D], who was seen to
throw a number of items down from the roof.

Shortly before 12.20hrs, the man fell from the roof. He was treated by
LAS and taken to hospital where his injuries have been confirmed as

All four males have been arrested for robbery – all but [D] are all aged
in their mid-20s – and enquiries continue by officers from Islington

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