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Police issue advice to motorists following snowfall across Hertfordshire

December 5, 2012, 12:16 pm

Following snowfall across Hertfordshire overnight, the and in advance of any further bad weather over the winter months, Hertfordshire Constabulary are issuing the following advice.

We are not expecting further snowfall across the county today, however motorists are advised to take extra precautions if planning to drive and be prepared that your journey is likely to take longer than usual and take extreme care.

Ensure you are wearing sensible and warm clothing and footwear, and if you are travelling by car, you should be prepared for a breakdown and carry extra provisions such as a flask of hot drink, food, blankets and a shovel.

Drivers are reminded that should there be a need to abandon their vehicle, and it is causing an obstruction or is in a dangerous position, it may be removed and the owner will have to pay the removal and storage charges. Abandoned cars have to be removed before ploughing and additional gritting can take place and this cannot be done where cars are obstructing the highway.

Drive extremely carefully when the roads are icy. Avoid sudden actions as these could cause loss of control. You should:

  • Drive at a slow speed in as high a gear as possible; accelerate and brake very gently
  • Drive particularly slowly on bends where loss of control is more likely. Brake progressively on the straight before you reach a bend. Having slowed down, steer smoothly round the bend, avoiding sudden actions
  • Check your grip on the road surface when there is snow or ice by choosing a safe place to brake gently. If the steering feels unresponsive this may indicate ice and your vehicle losing its grip on the road. When travelling on ice, tyres make virtually no noise.

Drivers are also advised to ensure they have sufficient fuel for their journey and that their screen wash is topped up to ensure they can clear the windscreen whilst driving.

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