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Police in North East Lincolnshire issue their first christmas message

December 5, 2012, 12:28 pm

Over the next few weeks police in North East Lincolnshire will be issuing their key Christmas messages in the run up to the festive season. They will feature advice around Personal Safety, Burglary Crime Prevention and Vehicle Crime Prevention.

In the first of this series of messages police are advising people about personal safety and how, for the first time Drinks Banning Orders will be being used in North East Lincolnshire to help reduce alcohol related violence.

Personal Safety Message from Humberside Police and Partners.

As well as planning what presents to buy, thinking have you bought enough food for Christmas Day and wether to venture to the football on Boxing Day, one other thing people spend a lot of time thinking about and planning are the Christmas parties and nights out, that come at this festive time of year.

The outfit, the location, the menus and the invites can all add to the stress of planning what is often remembered for years to come as the office night out of the year, or the girls/lads night out that you spend all year hoping will be the best night ever and no matter how cold come rain or shine, this night out will not be cancelled.

So, now you have thought about all the exciting things which make up that festive night have you taken into consideration the things that really can make a difference to your night? Take for example how are you getting home at the end of the night? What might happen if you lose all your friends and end up on your own and how will you keep your handbag and valuables safe?

These might seem like such trivial things but they are the issues, which keep the police, other emergency services and partner agencies very busy in the run up to Christmas and throughout the festive period.

Officers in North East Lincolnshire will be working very closely with the licencees and the doorstaff to ensure that those people who are intent on spoiling things for others, will be dealt with accordingly.

Inspector Neil Pattison from Humberside Police said: “This is a very busy time of year for pubs and clubs across North East Lincolnshire and that is why it is vital that we work with the licencees and the doorstaff to identify those individuals who are intent on causing problems for us.

“Police are currently working to identify known individuals who regularly cause us problems by engaging in alcohol related violence. Those people, who are in the minority, will be served with a drinks banning order which will restrict their activity in the pubs around Grimsby and Cleethorpes during the festive period and beyond.

“It is the first time that the Pubwatch partnership have applied for such measures during the festive period. I hope that this sends out a clear message to those who are intent on causing problems that this will not be tolerated and you will be dealt with accordingly.

“Police want people to go out and enjoy themselves, but to do it in a safe and enjoyable manner and it is for these reasons that police take these measures.”

Councillor David Bolton, portfolio holder for community safety and neighbourhoods, said: “Everyone needs to play their part at this time of the year – party goers in particular need to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

“Agencies are once again working closely with pubs and clubs, and will take the necessary action against anti-social behavior – it wont be tolerated.

“Businesses need to ensure they are operating under the terms of their license and remember their obligations. We dont want to curb peoples enjoyment on a night but if revelers take into account their own limits when drinking, we will ensure that everyone has a safe and merry Christmas.”

During the festive period Street Angels will be working in Cleethorpes each Saturday night between 2200hrs and 0230hrs in order to help and care for vulnerable people using the Night Time Economy.During the last 20 months about 500 people have been assisted by the Angels with many more being engaged, about 1500 glass items have been taken off the street.

To help you stay safe over the festive period police are offering the following advice:

If you are getting a taxi home don’t get one on your own and make sure it is a licenced taxi. It is cheaper and safer to get a taxi home with friends so make sure that this plan is set out at the start of the night and do not let a friend go alone.

Other key things to take into consideration include: Eating something before you go out drinking, pace yourself and avoid binge drinking, do not leave your drink unattended and do not leave your handbag with money, mobile phone and keys inside unattended. It will only take a second for somebody to pick this up and leave.

By taking time to consider certain aspects of how the night might plan out and could leave you with more than just a hangover to deal with the next day!

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