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Police And Council Conduct Licencing Visits In Scunthorpe

December 6, 2012, 4:44 pm

On Thursday 29 November a Police Sergeant, a number of special constables, the current Southbank licensing officer and a North Lincs Council licensing officer visited a number of licenced premises in Scunthorpe to ensure they were adhering to their licensing conditions.

The team visited The Penny Bank, Tavern, Abacus, Storm, Wicked Bar, Mary Rose, Schnapps Bar and Bamboogie. Following the visit Storm and Wicked Bar were issued with Section 19 closure notices by the council licensing officer, after police had instructed them to stop serving alcohol.

On Friday 30 November both premises were re opened after the section 19s were lifted.

Ken Stone, Licensing Officer for the Southbank said: “These checks are not done to catch anyone out they are conducted to make sure that the licensed premises are adhering to laws and that they are not compromising the safety of those who visit them.

“I am very happy with the engagement we received from the premises when we visited and happy to see what only two premises were asked to cease trading alcohol and these issues were very quickly resolved.

“Humberside Police and the local authority work closely with the licensees and the door staff to ensure that North Lincolnshire is a safe and enjoyable place to visit on a night out.”

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council said: “It is important that we carry out regular checks of licensed premises to ensure that they are abiding by the law and not breaching the terms of their licence.  We work closely with the licensing trade and the Police and in the vast majority of cases, licences takes their responsibilities seriously.  It is the minority that spoil it for others.”

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