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‘No Longer Buisness As Usual’ Says Police And Crime Commisioner

December 5, 2012, 3:19 pm

“No longer will it be business as usual”, says Northamptonshire police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds, launching a consultation paper setting out the future direction and shape of how policing and crime in the county might change.

The consultation paper will be discussed in detail with the Chief Constable and has also been sent today to all police employees, in it he says “I came into office on 22nd November with a substantial agenda for change and improvement. And the intention that with the challenges we all face ‘business as usual” was certainly not an option.”

“The new Commission will be transformational: innovative; vibrant; passionate; embracing new technologies and new ways of doing things. It will get things done: less talking, meetings and bureaucracy; a ridding forever of the well-worn committees.

“The Commission is going to boldly stand up for excellence and for evidence-based practice. It is going to deliver together with the Chief Constable the brightest and best police force in the country. It will have its finger on the national pulse and be at the heart of best practice development and innovation.

“Above all, the Commission will stand up strongly for the interests of our local communities and victims and will not be timid in making sure their voices are heard. The new Commission is going to behave and deliver in a way that wins the trust of local people. Listening and engaging with local communities, delivering on what we say we will being open and accountable in what we do, and challenging the professionals, giving victims and communities a real voice for the first time.”

The consultation paper is published in full at

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